Romantic songs around the campfire

romanticA campfire is an enjoyable and fun group outing. It is a part of picnics, treks, barbeques and many such other events. What makes it so much fun is the companionship of your friends and loved ones.

If you are going for a campfire with your girlfriend in tow, how do you make sure that she notices you? How do you impress her?

What should you do?
First of all, campfires are associated with singing. If you are a good singer, half of your trouble is sorted right there. But if singing is really not your thing, other activities you could explore are telling ghost stories or trying your hand at comedy.

What kind of song/ story/ routine should you pick?
You need to pick a song that your girlfriend will feel special to hear, but not one that will make everyone else feel bored. It is best to pick a song that is popular and known by everyone, so that people can join in later. A popular romantic song is your best bet. Look right into her eyes when you start the song, and she will be extremely flattered with the attention. Have a guitar with you and sing your romantic song to the girl you love under the moonlight. A romantic song around the campfire could become a great gift for her, especially if you combine it with a small present (get gift ideas from here), something like earrings will be perfect!

If you plan on narrating a ghost story, make sure it is after the initial activities like singing, when everyone is sitting around and things have become a little quieter. Pick a story that you can deliver well, and make sure it is not too long. Sit next to your girlfriend, and you will have her woven in your storytelling abilities in no time.

If you want to try a comedy routine, do it in the beginning, right before the ghost stories and conversations pick up. Make sure you don’t include jokes that offend anyone in the group. You could try mimicry or stand-up, whatever you can deliver better. Just be confident, and watch your girlfriend get impressed as you make everyone laugh with your wit.

At the end you can check out this list of ten campfire songs although they may not be so romantic 😀 :